Monday, 1 September 2014

Landing on Panus

I have been on this planet called Panus for hundreds of minutes now. I came to this planet to see its wonderful landscapes and natural wonders, but now I am stuck. I am stuck because my dumb friend ate our last fuel source, a rainbow strip. Just incase you were wondering, our space ship is a pegasus. We came on our pegasus with just me and my mate, and then we came across this really friendly alien called hoorgav. Our pegasus is not damaged, it just cant function without rainbow strips. The next morning we went out to have a look at this beautiful planet, we saw a copy of the white house, mount everest and even a statue of my mum. I then heard some foot steps behind us, so I turned around and I saw ET. He then gave us some rainbow strips and we went home.


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  2. It's really creative and I liked how you followed the questions. There was some weird bits in it but I think it suited the story well. good job and the title is good