Thursday, 18 September 2014


When is election day?
20th september.

What hours can you vote on election day?
Between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

What date does this year’s election officially end?
Saturday 4th october.

Why is there a gap between election day and when the election ends?
So that the people in the main office can count up the votes.

Summarise each of these rules for election day in your own words.

Signs advertising a candidate or party.

Sign-written vehicles:
You can not have drive a parliamentary sign written car.

Fixed signage on party headquarters and MP’s electorate offices:
A sign in parliament that does not refer to the election.

Delivery of election material prohibited:
Politicians may not post flyers or meet people on election day.

Websites and social media:
Politicians may not post anything on social media or websites to do with the election.

Processions and demonstrations:
People are not allowed to protest on election day until after 7:00 pm.

Streamers, rosettes, ribbons etc:
Politicians are allowed to wear the colours of their party on election day but not including their name, party name, emblems, slogans or their logo.

Clothing promoting the party or candidate:
You can not wear clothing containing a party logo or emblem.

Imitation ballot papers:
Do not print a voting card or part of a voting card.

Assistance to get to a voting place:
Candidates may offer people rides to a voting place but are not allowed to try to influence the public.

At the voting place:
Candidates, third parties and their supporters may only enter a voting place to vote.

Campaigning around advance voting places:
Election day rules do not apply to the advance the voting period.

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