Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dangerous decibels

  1. You can only go to a heavy metal concert for 0 seconds.
  2. It is not good to be at a rock concert for more than two minutes.
  3. When you ears start to hurt when swimming don't go any deeper than that.
  4. You can listen to sounds that are 80 decibels and under forever.
  5. You can only have your volume on anything at 2/3 of the max volume e.g if your max volume is 30, you can only have at 20.
  6. Use headphones instead of ear pods.
  7. Do not put a vibrating tuning fork right next to your ear.
  8. DO NOT put anything inside your ear canal.
  9. It is not safe to stand inside a tornado because it will instantly make you deaf.

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