Thursday, 5 June 2014

Science behind a glowstick

What I think now (before we start)
I predict that when you snap a glow-stick there is one glass tube in the glow-stick that holds a different chemical and when those two chemicals mix they react and that is what makes the glow.

What I think now (after hearing others’ ideas)
I think that there is a glass tube and when that breaks the two chemicals mix to cause a reaction, a big clue is that you can probably hear the glass crack.

What I think now (after seeing Miss C cut open the tube)
My prediction was correct in that there was a glass tube and two chemicals that mix and react

What I think now (after researching)
It is a dye that colours the light stick. The two chemicals used in a glowstick are hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester.

3 questions I still have

What is the future for glowsticks?

What is name of the reaction between the two chemicals called.

Can you make a glue stick at home?

Synthesis is when you have an idea and you then find out more?

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