Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Yesterday in Maths we learned about sampling. Write about sampling. You should include
- what is a sample?
- why take a sample?
- what are some examples of sampling done in real life?
- what does the word ‘population’ mean?
- how can you tell if are you sampling the right population?
- yesterday you took a sample using one method of sampling, explain what you did and your findings
NO question headings. Write in a paragraphing style. Remember use examples.

A sample is when you take a part of a whole.
You take a sample because it is cheaper, safer, easier and it doesn't take as long.
Have you ever been stopped in a mall or public place to take a survey, that is random sampling.
For example if you are testing how many cars in your country have air bags you population is every car in the country.
If your are sampling if it is safe to bike to school you should ask parents, the children who bike to school and the children who car/bus to school.
This is a program to figure this out.
For my sampling yesterday I did how much students like our house run, we drew out of the hat to take a random sample. About just over half of the sample likes the run.

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