Wednesday, 16 April 2014

2013 science fair reflection

Write a recount of your Science Fair project last year under the headings. Be brief and summarise. One or two sentences on each:
To find out which environment is most effected by global warming.

That the city will be hottest.

The world is getting warmer by the minute, we call it global warming. I have taken notice in this topic because I want the best living environment for the future generations of this earth.

Equipment & Method
Jar, plants, stones, potting mix, toy cars and carbon dioxide.

That the control was the hottest.

That the jungle is most effected by global warming.

Now answer these questions
What did you do well last year?
finished before it was due.

What did you find difficult last year?
Getting everything together.

Find 2 possible topics which interest you and write them down.

Parachutes: Does size matter?

does powerade or orange juice contain more energy?

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