Thursday, 6 March 2014

Battle of Gate Pa


    • They take their land and now they want to take away their history.
    • Some people think that the story of Heni te Karamu and the giving of war to the soldiers was made up.
    • Jane Fowley was her european name.
    • The fighters all went to tauranga to stop the flow of weapons and food through thompsons track.
    • the woman and children were told to leave but she ignored the command.
    • She was in a small stockade before the first shot was fired.She was also holding a prayer service.
    • her anger against the pakeha was building.
    • the guns fired all day long as she stayed in her pitiful shelter.
    • They stormed out and surprised and shocked the pakeha soldiers.
    • When she heard the cries of the soldiers something stirred in her, she thinks it was compassion.
    • She also remembered a pledge they made, if the enemy wants mercy we give it.
    • She went to the cooking area to find some water but her brother Neri said to get undercover but she said “i am going to give the soldiers water.”
    • She went to a english colonel, cupped some water in her hands and held it to his lips, he said “God bless you” and she went on to do that with three other soldiers.

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    1. Good SPG
      makes sense
      13 facts
      some need cap letters
      few grammar mistakes